Table 1

Summary of results for 15 influenza-positive patient samples.a

Sample codeSimplexa resultSimplexa CT valueRCP count
1Influenza A24.1193
2Influenza A23.112460
3Influenza B26.1726
4Influenza A19.96500
5Influenza A24.2201
6Influenza A18.15627
7Influenza A20.2634
8Influenza A22.82282
9Influenza A23.5152
10Influenza B26.559
11Influenza A21.16916
12Influenza B205234
13Influenza A19.413209
14Influenza A24.9441
15Influenza A23618
Negative control8
  • a Influenza subtype and CT values were determined by the Simplexa assay. RCP counts in our reverse transcription–C2CA assay are shown as the mean of duplicates quantified by MRE. The limit of detection was calculated to be 18 RCPs (n = 3).