Table 3

Dimensions and domains of physical activity behavior.

Definition and context
Physical activity dimension
    ModeSpecific activity performed (e.g., walking, gardening, cycling, etc.). Also defined in context of physiological demands/types (e.g. aerobic vs anaerobic activity, strength training, or balance and stability training).
    FrequencyNumber of sessions per day or per week, often qualified as the number of sessions (bouts) of at least 10 min in duration/length.
    DurationTime (minutes or hours) of the activity bout during a specified time frame (e.g., day, week, year, past month, etc.).
    IntensityRate of energy expenditure. Intensity is an indicator of the metabolic demand of an activity. It can be objectively quantified with physiological measures (e.g., oxygen consumption or heart rate) or quantified by body movement (e.g., stepping rate, or body accelerations).
Physical activity domain
    OccupationalWork-related: involving walking, carrying or lifting objects.
    DomesticHousework, yard work, child care, chores, self-care, or incidental activities.
    Transportation/UtilitarianPurpose of going somewhere: typically walking or bicycling.
    Leisure-timeDiscretionary or recreational activities: sports, exercise, other hobbies in leisure.