Table 2.

Costs (euros per sample) of the NGS applications, based on the base case assumptions.

Sequencing platformNextSeq500HiSeq4000HiSeqX5
Annual throughput (utilization)24892 (10%)5850 (75%)7350 (75%)
Capital costs
    Platform initial costs206654.00853738.005607475.00
    Hamilton Microlab STARlet0.0090000.0090000.00
    Capital costs per yeara47073.80205847.041288702.85
    Capital costs per sample1.8935.19175.33
    Annual maintenance contract with Illuminab28300.0083000.00655000.00
    Annual maintenance contract Hamilton Microlab STARlet0.005509.005509.00
    Maintenance costs per year22640.0071909.00529509.00
    Maintenance costs per sample0.9112.2972.04
Operational costs per sample
    Blood withdrawal10.6410.6410.64
    DNA extraction31.5331.5331.53
    Sample preparation consumables242.62296.6827.61
    Sequencing consumables4.56262.241057.81
    Lab personnel8.9770.0870.08
    Data processingc0.5010.00100.00
    Data storagec0.050.7530.00
    Data interpretation and report31.2362.6593.97
    Operational costs per sample330.10744.271421.64
Total costs per sample332.90791.751669.02
  • a To calculate the annual capital costs, the platform initial costs were divided by 4.39, and the costs for the Hamilton Microlab STARlet were divided by 7.913. These annuity factors take into account a life cycle of 5 and 10 years, respectively, and an interest rate of 4.5% [Tan et al. (25)].

  • b During the first year of the life cycle no maintenance costs occur since these are included in the initial price of the equipment.

  • c Costs for data processing and data storage are estimated on €0.10 per CPU hours and €0.01 per GB, based on the commercial pricing of Amazon for cloud computing and data storage. It is assumed that data is stored for 5 years [Amazon (35)].