Table 1. Demographic characteristics and cannabis smoking histories for 14 frequent and 11 occasional smokers.
ParticipantRace and ethnicitySexAge at admissionBody mass indexaAge at first useaLifetime years smokedaTime between last use and admissionNumber of days used in last 14bAverage joint or joint equivalentb
Frequent smoker
    ABcM29.627.61217.67.4 h114/day
    BBM19.422.6154.44.3 h135/day
    CBM22.631.4148.65.1 h123/day
    DWM25.523.01312.53.9 h1420/day
    EBF19.932.4118.92.6 h143.5/day
    FBM24.227.41311.223.2 h121.5/day
    GWF22.924.8166.917.2 h146/day
    HBM37.323.02512.31.6 h143/day
    IBF27.635.4189.62.4 h144/day
    JBF26.920.41412.93.8 h1421/day
    KBM23.424.3194.41.2 h146/day
    LBM28.728.11414.79.5 h146/day
    MBM28.019.41414.067.4 hd2d2/monthd
    NBM23.830.7149.8273 hd1d4/monthd
    Median24.826. h14.04.5/day
Occasional smoker
    OWM25.629.4169.616 days02/month
    PWM25.423.71312.431 days02/month
    QWM23.724.1167.710 days27/month
    RBM38.221.01919.22 days22/month
    SMM41.322.01625.37 days510/monthe
    TUF34.931.71321.99 days12/month
    UBF36.547.81818.52 days24/month
    VM, HM22.525.2139.586 days06/month
    WWF34.226.61420.23 days10.25/month
    XB, UM31.721.81615.718 days08/month
    YBM31.922.61516.968 days02/month
    Median31.9f24.116.016.9f10 daysf1.0f2/monthf
  • a Data collected at study admission.

  • b Data collected prior to smoking.

  • c B, black or African American; W, white; M, mixed; U, unknown; H, Hispanic or Latino.

  • d Self-reported data not consistent with biological sample concentrations. Data excluded from mean and median.

  • e Self-reported average use at screening of 0.5 joints, 3–4 times per month.

  • f Significant difference between groups (P <0.05).