Table 1. Fractional concentration of tumor-derived DNA in plasma by GAAL analysis.
CaseMaximal dimension of the tumor, cmSNPs with LOH in tumor, nPlasma
Collection timeNnondelaNdelFractional concentration of tumor-derived DNA
HCC113.011 310Before surgery88 49942 82952%
After surgery94 44293 5840.9%
HCC26.26040Before surgery56 61153 4285.6%
After surgery63 69463 0830.9%
HCC34.224 783Before surgery198 688190 1634.3%
After surgery236 655233 2801.4%
HCC46.2498Before surgery246522777.6%
After surgery277326992.7%
  • a Nnondel, number of sequenced reads carrying the nondeleted alleles in tumor tissues; Ndel, number of sequenced reads carrying the deleted alleles in the tumor tissues.