Table 6. Comparison of models for total CVD with and without Lp-PLA2 mass, based on weighted survival estimates for case–cohort studies.
Model comparisonC-index without Lp-PLA2C-index with Lp-PLA2Change in C-indexRCa χ2 without Lp-PLA2RC χ2 with Lp-PLA2NRIIDI
All women
    ATP variablesb
        Lp-PLA2 mass0.7660.7710.00588.948.70.03490.0018
    RRS variablesc
        Lp-PLA2 mass0.7690.7750.00636.331.40.02670.0037
    Full modeld
        Lp-PLA2 mass0.7700.7760.00633.931.20.01990.0033
Healthy nonusers of hormone therapye
    ATP variables
        Lp-PLA2 mass0.7630.7670.00444.937.10.00690.0009
    RRS variables
        Lp-PLA2 mass0.7640.7680.00448.035.70.01170.0019
  • a Reclassification calibration χ2.

  • b ATP variables include age, prior diabetes, current smoking, and the natural logs of SBP, and total and HDL cholesterol.

  • c RRS variables additionally include the natural log of CRP, family history of premature MI, and Hb A1c among diabetics.

  • d The full model additionally includes race/ethnicity, angina, statin use, and current and past hormone therapy.

  • e Those not on hormone therapy or statins, without diabetes or prior angina.