Table 3. Relationship between on-treatment levels of Lp-PLA2 and all incident vascular events among study participants randomly allocated to placebo.a
Quartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4P
Lp-PLA2 mass (PLAC assay)
    Median (range)189.1 (<216.4)240.7 (216.5–263.7)290.2 (263.8–322.7)372.4 (>322.8)
Primary event
    Events, n39373130
    Incidence rate1.331.231.061.03
    HRadjusted for LDL-C only1.01.030.991.030.93
    95% CI0.65–1.620.61–1.600.63–1.69
    HRfully adjusted1.01.010.920.890.60
    95% CI0.64–1.620.56–1.510.53–1.50
Primary event plus total mortality
    Events, n56474641
    Incidence rate1.911.561.571.41
    HRadjusted for LDL-C only1.00.901.000.940.89
    95% CI0.60–1.330.67–1.490.62–1.43
    HRfully adjusted1.00.870.880.750.23
    95% CI0.59–1.300.58–1.320.48–1.17
Lp-PLA2 activity (CAM assay)
    Median (range)140.0 (<160.0)174.3 (160.1–187.4)201.8 (187.5–217.6)242.1 (>217.7)
Primary event
    Events, n30312946
    Incidence rate1.071.080.991.44
    HRadjusted for LDL-C only1.
    95% CI0.74–2.070.73–2.141.15–3.06
    HRfully adjusted1.01.100.991.360.27
    95% CI0.64–1.870.55–1.760.77–2.42
Primary event plus total mortality
    Events, n44434359
    Incidence rate1.571.501.471.85
    HRadjusted for LDL-C only1.
    95% CI0.75–1.770.79–1.911.01–2.32
    HRfully adjusted1.01.010.951.090.72
    95% CI0.64–1.570.59–1.530.67–1.77
  • a Fully adjusted HRs and 95% CIs were adjusted for age, sex, smoking status, family history of premature atherosclerosis, body mass index, systolic blood pressure, and baseline level of HDL-C as well as on-treatment levels of LDL-C and hsCRP. Rates are per 100 person-years. Units for Lp-PLA2 mass are nanograms per liter and for Lp-PLA2 are nanomoles per minute per milliliter.