Table 2. Analytical characteristics of hs cardiac troponin assays.
Company/platform/assayCardiac troponin concentration at:Amino acid residues of epitopes recognized by capture (C) and detection (D) MAbs
LoD,a ng/L99th Percentile, ng/L (CV)b10% CV concentration, ng/L
    Abbott ARCHITECTc1.216 (5.6%)3.0C: 24–40; D: 41–49
    Beckman Accessc2–38.6 (10%)8.6C: 41–49; D: 24–40
    Nanosphere MTPc0.22.8 (9.5%)0.5C: 136–147; D: MAb PA1010
    Singulex Erennac0.0910.1 (9.0%)0.88C: 41–49; D: 27–41
    Siemens Vistac0.59 (5.0%)3C: 30–35; D: 41–56, 171–190
    Roche Elecsysd5.014 (8%)13C: 136–147; D: 125–131
  • a LoD, limit of detection; MTP, microtiter plate.

  • b CV at the 99th percentile.

  • c Under development and not available for commercial use.

  • d Available for use worldwide but not cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in the US.