Table 2.

Laboratory variables that should be measured for the pretreatment evaluation of NSCLC patients, taking into account both the systematic review of the evidence and the consensual opinions of the development teams of current practice guidelines (29)(30)(31)(32)(33)(34)(35)(36)(37)(38)(39).

Purpose of testVariables to be measured
Evaluation of toxicity (or tolerance) to treatmentsIn all patients: Hemoglobin,1 leukocyte counts with differential,1 platelets,1 electrolytes,1 glucose,1 creatinine,1 transaminases,1 bilirubin,1 albumin1
Pretreatment prognostic evaluationIn all patients: Hemoglobin (if radiation therapy),2 leukocyte counts with differential,1 LD,1 albumin,1 calcium1
In patients participating in therapeutic trials: Hemoglobin,2 leukocyte counts with differential,2 LD,2 albumin,2 calcium,2 NSE2