Table 1.

Differences observed with the recommended and our correction formulas for decreases in the indirect ISE electrolytes with increasing total lipid concentration in the second subset of samples.

Analyte and correction formula1Difference, mean (SD)
Indirect ISE (ultracentrifuged) − formula-corrected value (mmol/L)Direct ISE (mmol/L) − formula-corrected value (mmol/L)
 F1−4 (1.90)−3 (2.4)
 F2−2 (2.3)−1 (2.6)
 F30 (1.9)1 (3.2)
 F4−1 (1.8)2 (2.6)
 F5−1 (1.5)2 (2.5)
 F6−0.11 (0.14)0.01 (0.16)
 F7−0.16 (0.08)0.08 (0.22)
  • 1 F1, F2, F4, and F6 are published correction formulas. F3, F5, and F7 are correction formulas derived from the first subset in this study.