Table 1.

Recommendations made in 11 clinical practice guidelines providing advice for the use of laboratory variables in the pretreatment management of NSCLC patients (29)(30)(31)(32)(33)(34)(35)(36)(37)(38)(39).

GuidelinesRecommendedUnclear recommendationNot recommended
ACCPHematocrit, ALP, calcium, electrolytes, glucose, GGT,1 SGOTOther routine laboratory testsNone
ANDEMLeukocyte count, albumin, SR, calcium, ALP, LDNoneTumor markers
ASCOHemoglobin, leukocyte counts, LD, ALP, calciumOther routine chemistries; liver function testsLASA, CA 19-9, DNA index, DNA flow cytometric proliferation analysis, p53 tumor suppressor gene, ras oncogene
ATS-ERSBlood counts, electrolytes, albumin, calcium, ALP, transaminases, bilirubin, creatinineNoneTumor markers
BTS-SCGAlbumin, creatinine, glucoseNoneNone
CIGNA2NoneNoneCEA, NSE, cyfra 21-1
EGTM2cyfra 21-1, CEA3CA 125, TPANone
FNCLCCHemoglobin, leukocyte counts with differential, LD, albumin, calciumNoneTumor markers
NACB2Nonecyfra 21-1, CEA, NSENone
SIGNALP, calciumOther biochemistry and hematology tests; liver function testsNone
SPLF2Nonecyfra 21-1CEA