Table 1.

Error components and their possible sources.

Error componentNotationPossible sources
Error component between consecutive measurements within runse1. Variation in performance conditions within runs
Error component between different positions within a runc2. Trends in performance conditions within runs (position effects)
Sample-specific errord3. Differences in influence quantities between native samples
Error component between runs (may be a function of the concentration μ)b(m)4. Random error in the estimation of the calibration curve (due to the variation within runs)
5. Interaction between performance conditions and calibrator properties
Common systematic error component (may be a function of the concentration)δ(m)6. Error in the assigned value of the reference material used for preparation of calibrators
7. Variation between vials of reference material
8. Errors in the preparation of the calibrators
9. Unsuitable model for the calibration curve
10. Unsuitable concentration levels of the calibrators
11. Noncommutable calibrators (differences in influence quantities between calibrators and native samples)