Table 4.

Results in 5 patients in whom the combination of serum immunofixation and κ/λ ratio failed to identify the amyloidogenic light chain.

IDSexSerum IFEUrine IFEκ FLC, mg/Lλ FLC, mg/LFLC κ/λ ratio1IEH typingCreatinine, μmol/L2Organs involvedCardiac stage3
2FNot detectedFree λ29.060.30.48 (Normal)λ71KidneyI
5MNot detectedFree λ11.211.70.96 (Normal)λ156KidneyI
39FNot detectedFree λ22.337.80.59 (Normal)λ97HeartII
61MNot detectedFree λ9.724.70.39 (Normal)λ94GI4I
91FNot detectedFree λ53.571.30.75 (Normal)λ126Kidney, heart, GI, PNSIII