Table 1.

Epidemiologic studies on AF and/or mortality in subclinical hyperthyroidism.

ReferenceTSH assayManufacturerTSH threshold, mIU/LSubclinical/total patients, nAge, yearsIncreased risk of AF?Increased risk of mortality?
Sawin et al. (9)ICMA1Nichols Institute0.1–0.461 + 187/2007≥60YesNA
Auer et al. (10)IRMAHenning/Behring0.4613/22 30067.9 (9.2)2YesNA
Cappola et al. (11)LumaTag ICMANichols Institute0.4447/3233≥65YesNo (see text)
Parle et al. (13)MAIA Clone ICMASerono Diagnostics0.570/1191≥60NAYes
Gussekloo et al. (14)Elecsys 2010 EICMARoche Diagnostics0.317/530≥85NANo
Van den Beld et al. (15)Amerlite TSH-30 ICMAOrtho Clinical Diagnostics0.444/40373–94NANo
Walsh et al. (16)Immulite 2000 ICMADiagostic Products Corporation0.437/2108≥50NANo