Table 1.

Comparing the percentage of false-positive detection and true-positive detection of SABER at different terminator concentrations (A) and annealing temperatures (B).

A. Effect of annealing temperature in the base extension step on the percentage of positive call.
52 °C*54 °C56 °C58 °C60 °C62 °C64 °C66 °C68 °C70 °C
True positive100%100%100%100%100%100%87.5%100%87.5%62.5%
False positive100%100%100%87.5%100%75%12.5%0%0%0%
B. Effect of terminator concentration on the percentage of positive call.
True positive100%100%100%87.5%100%100%
False positive100%100%62.5%12.5%0%0%
  • 1 The percentage of positive call was calculated similarly as described in Fig. 1B .