Table 1.

Assay cocktail compositions used in the multiplex assay.

AssayDBS punchAssay volume, μL[S][IS]BufferDetergentAdditional components
GAA1/71250.440.18 mol/L citrate-phosphate, pH 4.06 g/L CHAPS8 μmol/L acarbose
GLA1/7125240.09 mol/L sodium acetate, pH 4.61.8 g/L sodium taurocholate96 mmol/L N-acetyl galactosamine
GBA1/71250.480.37 mol/L citrate-phosphate, pH 5.19.6 g/L sodium taurocholateNone
ASM1/71250.240.55 mol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.70.6 g/L sodium taurocholate0.36 mmol/L zinc chloride
GALC123016.70.18 mol/L citrate-phosphate, pH 4.49.6 g/L sodium taurocholate1.2 g/L oleic acid
  • 1 10 of 70 μL of DBS extractant was used in the assay, equivalent to 1/7 of 1 whole DBS.

  • 2 One whole DBS was used in the assay.