Table 1.

SNP classification according to the homoduplexes and heteroduplexes produced after amplification of a heterozygote and the predicted number of distinct nearest-neighbor thermodynamic duplexes (Tms).1

ClassSNP (frequency)2Homoduplex matches (no. of Tms)Heteroduplex mismatches (no. of Tms)Examples in Figs.
1C/T or G/AC::G and A::TC::A and T::G3B , 4A , 4B
(0.662)(2)(2 or 1)3
2C/A or G/TC::G and A::TC::T and A::G3B , 4C
(0.176)(2)(2 or 1)3
3C/GC::GC::C and G::G3B , 4D , 5
(0.088)(2 or 1)3(2)
4T/AA::TT::T and A::A3B , 4E
(0.074)(2 or 1)3(2)