Table 1.

EBM resources on the Internet.
 Evidence-based healthcare
 The National Library of Medicine’s search engine MEDLINE
 Cochrane Collaboration, which prepares, maintains, and promotes the systematic review of healthcare interventions
 Australasian Cochrane Centre, which has a methods working group on systematic review of screening and diagnostic tests
 The NHS Centre for Review and Dissemination in York (UK). Also includes systematic reviews of diagnostic problems in the Data-Base of Abstracts of Review of Effectiveness (DARE) in the Cochrane Library
 The NHS Research and Development Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. Helpful for learning, with resources to guide in asking specific questions and searching for the best evidence. Also provides a set of worksheets for critical appraisal
 The University of Alberta EBM tool kit. Very good introduction with a comprehensive approach to learning EBM
 Clinical guidelines for the US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
 Provides critical evaluations of published economic evaluations