Table 4.

The effect of 20-kGy electron-beam sterilization on the interferent response of the electrochemical glucose test strip.1

InterferentInterferent concentration, mg/LNonsterilized test stripsSterilized test strips
Mean glucose bias, mmol/L95% CIMean relative bias, %Mean glucose bias, mmol/L95% CIMean relative bias, %
Uric acid2002.552.40–2.7051.21.771.05–2.4938.6
Ascorbic acid300.210.08–0.334.00.290.02–0.566.2
Lactic acid10000.090.03–0.151.8−0.02−0.37 to 0.33−0.5
Acetylsalicylic acid5000.18−0.04 to 0.393.6−0.01−0.29 to 0.28−0.2
Bilirubin2000.00−0.15 to–0.385.5
Cholesterol250000.18−0.06 to 0.423.90.440.14–0.7410.1
Triglycerides2300000.17−0.01 to 0.453.50.10−0.28 to 0.482.4
Triton X-100, 5 g/L5000−0.26−0.39 to −0.13−5.2−0.27−0.52 to −0.01−5.8
pH 6.80.18−0.04 to 0.413.70.00−0.23 to 0.230.0
pH–0.162.0−0.06−0.19 to 0.07−1.4
  • 1 Sample medium: 1:3 diluted human plasma, 4.7 mmol/L glucose. Glucose measurement biases were calculated relative to a control sample with added blank, buffered saline.

  • 2 Added 5 g/L Triton X-100 surfactant to aid dispersion of interferent in test solution; reported biases corrected for Triton X-100 bias.