Table 2.

Comparison of within-run glucose prediction precision and accuracy for nominal 5 mmol/L glucose in different sample media.1

Sample mediumReference glucose, mmol/LMean predicted glucose, mmol/LSD predicted glucose, mmol/LCV predicted glucose, %Mean prediction bias, mmol/LMean relative prediction bias, %
Physiologic saline4.
Synthetic ISF surrogate (11 g/L protein)−0.1−1.9
Synthetic ISF surrogate2 (31 g/L protein)
1:2 diluted plasma ISF surrogate (35 g/L protein assumed)
  • 1 All glucose predictions are from the saline calibration of Fig. 2 (n = 15 replicates per medium).

  • 2 Exclusion of a single data point (6.3 mmol/L) gives predicted glucose mean of 4.9 mmol/L; SD, 0.11 mmol/L; CV, 2.3%; bias, 0.0 mmol/L and 0.0%.