Table 2.

Odds ratios (ORs) and 95% CIs for transversions and transitions in PDAC in association with smoking.a

Smoking statusG:C>T:AG:C>C:GAll transversionsAll transitionsb
NoYesOR (95% CI)NoYesOR (95% CI)NoYesOR (95% CI)LowHighOR (95% CI)
Ever32112.3 (0.4–11.6)32112.5 (0.4–14.9)15285.7 (1.2–27.8)20230.7 (0.2–2.9)
  • a Logistic regression model adjusted for age and sex. One case was excluded for lack of tumor stage information; 16 cases were excluded for lack of smoking information.

  • b At 50% cutoff, <3 total transitions at low frequency; ≥3 total transitions at high frequency.