Table 1.

Clinical characteristics and frequency of verified variants in PDAC.a

Age at resection surgery, years68.2 (46–83)
    <6526 (35.6)
    ≥6547 (64.4)
    Men39 (53.4)
    Women34 (46.6)
Tumor stage
    T12 (2.7)
    T29 (12.3)
    T359 (80.8)
    T42 (2.7)
    Unknown1 (1.4)
Smoking history
    Never14 (24.6)
    Ever43 (75.4)
Investigated genes65
Total variants alterations among targeted genes107
    Synonymous variants7
    Nonsynonymous variants95
    Frame shift (indel)5
Total of substitutions537
    C:G to T:A (transition)254
    C:G to G:C (transversion)27
    C:G to A:T (transversion)31
    T:A to C:G (transition)208
    T:A to G:C (transversion)8
    T:A to A:T (transversion)9
Transversion (of 75 substitutions)53
Transition (of 462 substitutions)73
  • a Data are mean (range), n (%), or n.