Table 3.

Association between TT and fracture risk: analysis for TTLC-MS/MS and TTRIA.

Hazard ratio (95% CI)aPHazard ratio (95% CI)P
Unadjusted1.41 (1.19–1.64)<0.0011.23 (1.06–1.43)0.006
Adjusted for SHBG1.43 (1.23–1.67)<0.0011.37 (1.20–1.54)<0.001
Adjusted for SHBG and age1.28 (1.10–1.49)0.0021.12 (0.98–1.30)0.1
Adjusted for SHBG, age, and weight1.30 (1.11–1.52)0.0011.18 (1.02–1.37)0.02
Adjusted for age, BMD, SHBG, weight, fracture history, calcium intake, and smoking status1.32 (1.12–1.54)0.0011.23 (1.06–1.43)0.005
  • a Estimated for every SD decrease of ln(TT concentration). The equivalent SD was 206 ng/dL for back-transformation.